The folowing moming routesre available in your area.I routes are 6 days a week:Tuesday-SundayTIMESOMAlobed, Walter, Vincent, AmotAeprox delivery tmeEarn bi-week $150.00Bienkintop. CordovaBay.McKenne.0oaBordenLes Meadows, Mamar, Ocean Approx delivery timePark,0ceanwood, Royal OakEam bi-weekly. $105.00Of papers: 50For more into pleasecontact Debbie EnglandSelkink CnighoweDCostaEarm bi-weekly: $20000 Disct Mgr 250-$80-5382Dingley-Del Amof pepers: 37Approx delivery tmefor more into pleasecontact Barry LohDistict Mg 250-380-5387Estevan Vilage AreaEarm bi-neeky:$9500For more isto pleaseDistrict Mgr 200-380-5315Dunlery, Estevan, Musgrave#ofpapers 33Approx delivery timePickdord Rd Mariene Dr,Emb-weeky $75.24#Of papers: 65Drive. Esplanade, HeronBiEanbi-weekly $182.00#ofpaperx 40Approx delivery timeCentral Saanich, BarbaraApprox delivery timeEam bi-weeky $1.20Acacia Dr Aldeane Ave, MountEarn bi-weekly: $5500Oak Bay AreaHagel Rd, Malene Drt of papers 50pprox delivery meStreets involved Belmontlford, Fort, HaisonMogrego, PndoraFrestEarn bi-weeky $114.00Agprox delivery tmeEarn bl weekly: $65,00Eam bi-weekdy: $107.166, Leigh P, Maurice LaneApprox delivery tmeastdowne, Foul Bay,dsn, Neil, Newionpprox delivery tmeEarn bl-weekl:$10000Earn bi-weekly: $90.00#ofpapers 45Approx delivery timeFor more into pleasecontact Dan ClarkDistrict Mor 250-380-539ngs Rd. Genide RdEam bi-weekdy $102 60t of papers 20pprox delivery timeRoute 901/906/907/91 Eam bi weekly:$60.00Cedar Hill Crosdt of papers: 20Earm bi-weeky $75 24Emeraid, Gamet Onys,Spisbury, Campus, EmeryAcorox delivery tmeGordon Head, Nancy Hanks Eam bi weekly: $6000contact Kostas Paiavalas,For more into pleasefor more info please#ot papers 83Approx delivery tmeDistrict Mgr 250-380-391 ESTSHORE PARKWAY120 copies dally earninge TC01$000 veEarn bi-weekly $19000Comiche, Dron, WenmanChartwel, Dunnelt,HaicyHillcrest, Penshurst,San JanShorndife, Wiendy, Athione,please call Mike Small,#Of papers: 48pprox delivery#ofpaper 65Earn tbi-weeky:$157.48Earn bli-weekly $150.00Route 651/asBarrie, Bonneview, Leabrook,Seven Oaks, Swan LakeSereno, JonqueAcgrox delivery tmeEam bi-weeky:300Eanbeekly $11200

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The folowing moming routes re available in your area. I routes are 6 days a week: Tuesday-Sunday TIMESOM Al obed, Walter, Vincent, Amot Aeprox delivery tme Earn bi-week $150.00 Bienkintop. CordovaBay. McKenne.0oa Borden Les Meadows, Mamar, Ocean Approx delivery time Park,0ceanwood, Royal Oak Eam bi-weekly. $105.00 Of papers: 50 For more into please contact Debbie England Selkink Cnighowe DCostaEarm bi-weekly: $20000 Disct Mgr 250-$80-5382 Dingley-Del Am of pepers: 37 Approx delivery tme for more into please contact Barry Loh Distict Mg 250-380-5387 Estevan Vilage Area Earm bi-neeky:$9500 For more isto please District Mgr 200-380-5315 Dunlery, Estevan, Musgrave #ofpapers 33 Approx delivery time Pickdord Rd Mariene Dr, Emb-weeky $75.24 #Of papers: 65 Drive. Esplanade, Heron BiEanbi-weekly $182.00 #ofpaperx 40 Approx delivery time Central Saanich, Barbara Approx delivery time Eam bi-weeky $1.20 Acacia Dr Aldeane Ave, Mount Earn bi-weekly: $5500 Oak Bay Area Hagel Rd, Malene Dr t of papers 50 pprox delivery me Streets involved Belmont lford, Fort, Haison Mogrego, Pndora Frest Earn bi-weeky $114.00 Agprox delivery tme Earn bl weekly: $65,00 Eam bi-weekdy: $107.166 , Leigh P, Maurice Lane Approx delivery tme astdowne, Foul Bay, dsn, Neil, Newion pprox delivery tme Earn bl-weekl:$10000 Earn bi-weekly: $90.00 #ofpapers 45 Approx delivery time For more into please contact Dan Clark District Mor 250-380-539 ngs Rd. Genide RdEam bi-weekdy $102 60 t of papers 20 pprox delivery time Route 901/906/907/91 Eam bi weekly:$60.00 Cedar Hill Crosd t of papers: 20 Earm bi-weeky $75 24 Emeraid, Gamet Onys, Spisbury, Campus, Emery Acorox delivery tme Gordon Head, Nancy Hanks Eam bi weekly: $6000contact Kostas Paiavalas, For more into please for more info please #ot papers 83 Approx delivery tme District Mgr 250-380-391 ESTSHORE PARKWAY 120 copies dally earning e TC01$000 ve Earn bi-weekly $19000 Comiche, Dron, Wenman Chartwel, Dunnelt,Haicy Hillcrest, Penshurst,San Jan Shorndife, Wiendy, Athione,please call Mike Small, #Of papers: 48 pprox delivery #ofpaper 65 Earn tbi-weeky:$157.48 Earn bli-weekly $150.00 Route 651/as Barrie, Bonneview, Leabrook, Seven Oaks, Swan Lake Sereno, Jonque Acgrox delivery tme Eam bi-weeky:300 Eanbeekly $11200